Vote Gina Miller On 4th July

An independent voice you can trust

About me

I’m Gina, a mum and businesswoman who is standing as an Independent for election in Epsom & Ewell on July 4th.

My track record speaks for itself. For over 34 years I’ve stood up for people’s rights, championing justice, fairness and transparency.

I’m committed to bring positive change for the people of Epsom, Ewell, Ashtead and Leatherhead.

My Vision for Epsom and Ewell

Epsom and Ewell is a very special place. My vision is for a thriving, healthy, happy and hopeful community.

A place for multi-service early healthcare, advice centres on our high streets.

A place where our rivers are clean and the Greenbelt is protected.

A place that values the local economy and supports business.

A place that unites our communities.

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