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Gina Miller

Out and about in Epsom, Ewell, Ashtead and Leatherhead

From fighting to protect the greenbelt to supporting youth football, mental health and domestic violence – from the first day of announcing her candidacy, Gina has hit the ground running engaging with schools, charities, businesses. People with specific issues have been attending Gina’s weekly surgeries and she has been able not just listen but help and give support, but achieve positive practical outcomes.

Campaigns and causes

Gina Miller is best known for twice defeating the Conservative government in its unlawful attempts to bypass Parliament to implement Brexit. However, while this was the spark that launched her to the forefront of British politics, Gina has been fighting for charitable causes for more than three decades.

Gina’s drive to fight for the vulnerable began in 1988 when her first daughter was starved of oxygen at birth, and as a result, needs special care. Her experience inspired her to campaign for children who require special education provisions, and her work successfully contributed to the SEN provision in the 1996 Education Act.

In addition to being a major contributor to the Margaret Thatcher infirmary at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, Gina also founded her own philanthropic project, The Miller Foundation, in 2009. Set up with a 10-year mission to protect small community charities from the impact of the financial crisis, The Miller Foundation worked with everyday heroes tackling hard-to-confront issues. Gina’s support for charities has spanned many areas – including issues of domestic violence, ovarian cancer, child sexual abuse, pollution, and many other projects.

Some of the Charities Gina has worked with

The Amber Trust
Best Beginnings
Freshwater Habitats Trust
Hebridean Whale Dolphin Trust
Street Kids International
Target Ovarian Cancer

Gina has also applied her learning of the law and policy to help bring about change for the better. Between 2008 and 2014, Gina and her husband worked to bring in legislation to stop “rip-offs” in the City and financial services by working with regulators across the EU, drafting text included in three EU Directives. She also funded and helped drafting of the Modern-Day Slavery Act 2015.

Gina Miller - Career

Professional Career

Along with her philanthropic work, Gina has worked from the ground up to build a successful business career. After starting her first business at just 21 years old, Gina went on to gain a Marketing Degree and started what is believed to be the first specialist asset management marketing and events agency, which she sold upon the curation of a high-value portfolio of clients. After that, Gina worked as a marketing consultant to several clients in the financial services sector and on Harley Street.

In 2009, she co-founded a disruptive, 100% transparent, low-fee online investment manager and is a vocal champion for transparency and consumer protection in the investment and pension industries. Gina is also passion about female financial health, launching MoneyShe in 2012 – a campaign brand to help encourage and educate women about financial freedom.

Business Women Of The Year - 2018 - Winner - Gina Miller
Asian Voice Awards - 2017 - Campaigner of the year - Gina Miller
The Transparency Task Force - Transparency champions
Brummel - Inspirational Women Innovators - Gina Miller
  • Vanity Fair Challenger Award 2021
  • LexisNexis: UK Legal Diversity Lifetime Award 2019
  • Harper's Bazaar - Campaigner of the Year 2018
  • UK's Most Influential Black Person 2017