It is time to fight for a fairer country. To be proud to be British and rebuild our international reputation and respect. To become a more hopeful, happier country where we celebrate what binds us, not what divides us.

Health – Happiness – Hope

Social Cohesion – Resilience – Safety and Prosperity

Fairness – Justice – Sustainability

Epsom & Ewell – A community that will pioneer a Wellbeing Economy (WE) and serve as a blueprint to pave the way forward for the rest of Britain.

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To consider

tomorrow’s populations in today’s planning

To give

equal value to social, health, environment, and economy

To redefine

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to ensure health indicators are central to how governments measure success

To prioritise

preventive health, and keeping well throughout our lives

To place

a lens of health, happiness, and wellbeing over all policy decisions, by introducing a new set of perspectives, principles, and policies in an interconnected, caring community

Epsom & Ewell: A place built on 5 strong pillars.

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Pillars that are the foundation for solutions and success from the ground up

A shared vision that lifts us all up – together

As the world changes, we can change too.
Together we can be pioneers for good – for people, profit and planet.

Gina Miller for Epsom and Ewell

Home of Health, Happiness & Wellbeing